Gucci has kidnapped the designer spotlight since creative director Alessandro Michele took over. Bold logos and mismatched prints have been synonymous with the brand for the past 3 seasons and its success -and momentum - doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Following up their 80’s-inspired ode-to-urban wear Pre-Fall 17 collection is their #GucciAndBeyond campaign complete with a sci-fi inspired short fashion film.

Extra-terrestial beings, sea-creatures, stop-motion dinosaurs, a spaceship reminiscent of the Starship Enterprise, and Gucci-clad models all make cameos in this 1 1/2 minute film.

Admittedly not a Trekkie, Lost in Space was my afternoon childhood delight.  I also absolutely adored The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and it’s 2 sequels -all of which I have watched far too many times to recall. So when I saw Gucci’s Fall 17 film, I fell in love immediately because of its nostalgia AND Gucci’s brazen escape from traditional luxury brand communication. 

As millennial and younger, tech-savvy consumers continue to account for a large percentage  of luxury spending, luxury brands will have to reconsider traditional marketing and communication and step outside the luxe box. 

I personally am excited to see how technology is affecting the fashion industry and forcing it to evolve and I am eager to see what’s next from all brands that want to stay relevant. #buckleup